Technical service, preventive and corrective maintenance

Would not it be excellent to have a single contact for technical issues for all or most laboratory equipment? It would not only be excellent, this option exists: Lab Compass

Contact us to get information about our universal laboratory equipment service.

Storage and logistics

One of the main habitual difficulties in small or growing laboratories is the physical space. We offer you storage space and logistic support, so that you may count with the space needed and the comfort you deserve.

Advice for new facilities

As well for moving the laboratory equipment as for setting up new facilities, everything must be under control. Lab Compass is the resource which will you give the necessary reliability so that everything becomes a success.

Quality assistance

When a process or product fulfils a set of characteristics which satisfy the implicit and explicit qualities expected, we can say the product “has quality”. Quality can be detected in its application and the effects it produces.


At Lab Compass we work so that you may obtain the external certifications corresponding to the management models you may feel needed.

Certifying is currently an aspect, which can clearly provide advantages and added value to the laboratories by contributing to show the staff’s technical competence, adequate facilities and environmental conditions, validated methods and controlled equipment, as well as reinforcing your commercial opportunities. Having a management system of efficient quality and continuous improvement allows you to manage and use the laboratory documents correctly, as well managing as technic ones. We can help you normalise and standardise your basic processes, your products and services, as well as your management, elaborating the corresponding procedures together with the people in charge of them from your company, taking care of the information security, the corporative social responsibility and good practices.