Protocol optimization

Protocol optimization is a process where parameters are modified to reduce time and costs without losing quality in the results. It is not possible to modify all protocols, but a review by our experts team may get some of them optimised, forming part of the improvement set associated to a general increase in performance.

Processes optimization

We can define Process as:

“Organised sequence of activities which interact and transform input elements in outputs, so that the final result has an added value over the input.”

The processes optimization can identify the improvement opportunities. This optimization not only goes through “hands-on” but also through the workflow and the layout of the working area.

A process is under control when its result is stable and predictable, which means controlling the elements that are part of the process.

The review and optimisation does not mean it has to be done only in case of a malfunction, but even then, knowing which factor caused the issue is of great importance to be able to orient the decision taking (quality management).

The application of these methodologies is necessary and possible with the existence of an ambitious improvement goal We are engaged with.

Processes automation

To make a predictable result of operations, initially the safety and later on the product quality,  traditionally work processes are resorted to.

Most repetitive activities could be subject to automation.

Repetitivity and normalization are part of the foundations of automation. And automation, well used, brings advantages which benefit, among others, quality assurance.

Automation of everyday activities which require manual labour, but do not add value, are the most visible result of the cost reduction.

After analysing the needs and studying the resources, we create a personalised report of the most adequate options for your laboratory needs.

It implementation system in the sample management

Traceability of a sample is the basic pillar of any organisation

Making sure that the result of a process corresponds with the associated sample is a responsibility, where “being sure” is not enough.

There are several mechanisms which provide reliability and reduce the possibilities of a traceability’s error: from a register program to LIMS, they can be the tools you need to ensure an adequate process and samples tracking.

Development and innovation

Development is an activity which implies the creation of products or services with knowledge previously acquired, and its application is the innovation. At Lab Compass we work constantly applying what we know and what we learn to apply it on the processes improvement.