Scientific Support

Many times, it happens that on paper a good scientific project materializes, but its design or viability seems unattainable.

Today more than ever, scientific advice is needed. Whether for new lines of research or for lines in process, we are prepared to offer you the best and most complete service.

We will enjoy sharing our knowledge to face all the challenges together.

Operations and Processes Management

For a long time, the performance of the laboratories has been marked by economic pressures and by the constant appearance of new technologies.

Budgetary constraints, as well as the increasing demands on daily processes in the laboratory, require a focus on reach the objectives with existing procedures, leaving little scope for process analysis.

Assuming that everything is fine can become a mistake that we cannot rectify in the medium term, because problems are hidden in the details.

Resources and Services

Research laboratories, as well as diagnostic laboratories, always have needs to cover and opportunities for improvement, and although they may have different goals, they both share most of the problems.

Lab Compass has resources and services that will make everyday work more efficient.