Our mission is to be the independent reference for the continuous improvement of diagnostic and research laboratories, giving a close, personalized and professional service.


We want to be the main ally of diagnostic and research laboratories, not only in continuous improvement, but also as an resource facilitator, and problem solver.


The most important values in Lab Compass are manifested in:


CONFIDENCE: We are excited to be part of every project, and our greatest joy is receiving the trust of our customers.


HUMAN RESOURCES: Our greatest value is the knowledge and experience of the Lab Compass team.


INDEPENDENCE: We are proud to be independent and offer our clients the best solutions adapted to each situation.


CONFIDENTIALITY: The entire Lab Compass team is aware of the importance of communication, sincerity and confidentiality.


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Achieving the best results requires a set of constant and necessary processes to be up to the satisfaction of our customers.