We have years of multidisciplinary work experience in the laboratory environment both clinical and research.

The concept of improvement that we want to share will provide you tools and systems that will improve your productivity and development conditions by detecting the most innovative solutions to achieve the highest return and increasing the return on investment with the best possible condition covering all Processes of the organization.


For a long time, the performance of the laboratories has been marked by economic pressures and by the constant appearance of new technologies.

Budgetary constraints, as well as the increasing demands on daily processes in the laboratory, require a focus on reach the objectives with existing procedures, leaving little scope for process analysis.


Assuming that everything is fine can become a mistake that we cannot rectify in the medium term, because problems are hidden in the details.

A process is under control when its result is stable and predictable, which is equivalent to mastering the internal and external factors that are part of the process. But even when a process is fully controlled, are the methods and resources sufficiently optimized to ensure that the maximum benefit is being achieved?


Research laboratories, as well as diagnostic laboratories, always have needs to cover and opportunities for improvement, and although they may have different goals, they both share most of the problems.

Due to occasional increases in work or any other circumstance, having a support in resources will give you a breathing space that will allow to focus attention and work on the aims of the laboratory.

Lab Compass works to eliminate what does not give value to processes, facilitating their application. And as a result, the client can devote more time to the essentials.


Enthusiastic about being part of each project, Lab Compass has resources and services that will make everyday work more efficient, greatly improving the performance and quality of application in both diagnostic and research laboratories.


We know the day-to-day of a laboratory, so we can offer a close, personalized and professional service.


  • Looking for resources to increase your productivity. Gaining more capacity, with the right investment.
  • Studying different options of services and materials to reduce costs.
  • Integrating quality into the results. Assisting with the right tools for the work system to tune with the needs of the company by driving efficiency. Promoting continuous improvement culture and customer satisfaction.
  • Helping to access to grants offered through different institutions. Offering a personalized search of public and private funding for research projects, recruitment of research staff and / or return on R + D + I in the form of tax breaks.