We develop clinical and applied research projects, and We facilitate the search for funding resources for the implementation of research projects, recruitment of research staff and / or return on R & D & I investments in the form of tax relief.

A process is under control when its result is stable and predictable, which is equivalent to mastering the internal and external factors that are part of the process. But even when a process is fully controlled, are the methods and resources sufficiently optimized to ensure that the maximum benefit is being achieved?

Due to occasional increases in work or any other circumstance, having a support in resources will give you a breathing space that will allow to focus attention and work on the aims of the laboratory.

We adapt to your needs so you can focus your work on laboratory goals.

Thermal cycler Calibration

We performed a calibration report with equipment calibrated under ISO 17025 standards.

Development and improvement of procedures and process

We offer custom solutions tailored to the challenges of the laboratory, both for today and for the future.

New Labs Design and Execution

We also offer advice on the preparation and setup of new laboratories for optimum efficiency.


Save the valuable space of your lab for something more cost-effective than a warehouse. Let us give you a solution for your inconveniences.

Scientific Support

Creation of R & D & I custom projects: publications; access to both public and private funding; tax incentives and deductions.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Since programming to execution. We help you in your day to day.

Why Lab Compass?

Lab Compass is unique because we know the challenges that a laboratory faces every day.

That is why we can offer a close, personalized and professional service.

Enthusiastic about being part of each project, Lab Compass has resources and services that will make everyday work more efficient, greatly improving the performance and quality of application in both diagnostic and research laboratories.